The Difference between Traditional Blues …and everything else

Written by Jae Wilson

A story told in YouTube videos

In my personal journey in music discovery, I’ve found it difficult to differentiate what some call ‘blues adjacent’ versus ‘traditional blues’. Not just because of differences in opinion about what falls under the umbrella of ‘traditional blues’, but also because modern musicians don’t exist in a vacuum!

Despite opinions by (let’s say) fairly vocal figures in our dance community on what traditional blues is-or-is-not, there is, in fact, a category of music for which awards are given every year with that exact title:

Bobby Rush GRAMMY Winner

Watch: Bobby Rush Wins Best Traditional Blues Album GRAMMY
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Hopefully, this isn’t news, but if you want to know what the ‘real experts’ think, check out who won awards over the last few decades. Blues is alive and well and did not end with the death of <insert an opinionated DJ’s favourite artist here>.

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