DJ set notes | The Joker, April 17

I’m always happy to play at the weekly blues social at The Joker, Islington.

I planned on playing a gospel-infused set, as there are religious holidays on the calendar, with Easter and Passover happening this week.

(Note to self)

I remember when I started DJing, the technical aspects were the part I most worried about. These days I don’t worry so much, but sometimes something will happen and I think, ‘Whoops!’

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Mavis Staples | A Ray of Light

Written by Brooke Filsinger

Mavis Staples happy music

“I respected and loved Aretha Franklin, and still do. But she wasn’t Mavis Staples.”

That’s a pretty bold statement. And when it comes from Al Bell, co-owner of the famous Stax Records, it’s also a statement that can’t just be dismissed lightly.

So who is this ‘Mavis’ that so commands Bell’s respect?

She has worn many labels — gospel singer, civil rights activist, self-funded artist, Bob Dylan’s ‘lost love’ — but she will no doubt be remembered as the breath-taking centre-piece of The Staple Singers, one of America’s greatest family bands, and one of the greatest voices of the 20th century.

Listen along with a special Spotify Playlist right here.

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