Blues Heroes | CeDell Davies

Fat Possom just has to be the best name for a record label ever.

They’re an American independent record label based in Oxford, Mississippi. They started out by recording relatively unknown blues artists from the North Mississippi region: their most famous being R.L. Burnside.

My personal favourite artist recorded by Fat Possum is CeDell Davies. I first heard his music when I was researching one of his fellow Possum artists Asie Payton.

The first song I heard from CeDell was the first one on this playlist:

CeDell Davies playlist on Spotify

My immediate thought was:

“Whoa, that’s a cool sound! Is that slide guitar, or something else?”

I hadn’t heard anything like it, so I had to know more.

When I looked up the biography details of CeDell Davies, I discovered why his guitar sound was so unique.

I also uncovered an incredible life story.

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Robert Johnson & Escaping the Delta

Escaping the Delta by Elijah Wald

Escaping the Delta by Elijah Wald

I’d really like to meet the Elijah Wald who wrote ‘Escaping the Delta’.  

My favourite way of learning about history has always been through real-life stories (though biopics come a close second).

This book seems to be about the life of Robert Johnson but it’s nothing like other biographies I’ve read.

Through reading it I’ve learned about his life and music, for sure.

Join me on a journey through a hundred years of blues.

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Blues Musicians | Dan Nash

Dan Nash playing with Marco Farris at EBI 2015

Dan Nash playing with Marco Farris at EBI 2015

If you’re a blues dancer in London, chances are you’ll have had the pleasure of dancing to the one and only DAN NASH!

The very first time I DJed at a festival (Blues Baby Blues 2013) I was scheduled to follow his set. I’ll never forget the warmth and encouragement he gave to a very nervous DJ Tracy. Dan and Ray were so lovely to me; complimenting me on my choice of music. I don’t think they realised how much I appreciated it at the time.

I’ve heard Dan play more times that I can count and he always inspires me with his energy and musicianship.

When I learned Dan would be playing at European Blues Invasion 2015, I asked if he’d have time for an interview.

On the night, I had to go outside and persuade him away from one of his famous ‘smoke-breaks’. (Luckily bribing him with Bourbon turned out to be a good strategy and we found a corner where we could chat awhile.) 

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