Blues Musicians | Ray Wallen

Ray Wallen

Ray with Davide

If you’ve ever been blues dancing at The Joker or Blues at the Ritzy, you’ll know Ray Wallen.

If he’s not singing or playing the harmonica, he’s watching. Enjoying the music. Taking in the atmosphere.

One of the things I love about Ray’s music is that he re-works so many of the songs he sings. One of his talents is re-writing blues songs and giving them a ‘London’ spin.

My personal favourite is his Tom Waits/Ray Charles medley ‘Ice-cream Man/ Hit the Road Jack’.

Just. So. cool.

The very first time I met Ray he was playing in The Dan Nash Band at Blues Baby Blues 2013.

I was still quite new at DJing and was super-nervous until Ray popped over to ask me what I was playing. (It was ‘Crawling King Snake’ by Etta James.) He told me he was really enjoying my music.

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Blues Musicians | Dan Nash

Dan Nash playing with Marco Farris at EBI 2015

Dan Nash playing with Marco Farris at EBI 2015

If you’re a blues dancer in London, chances are you’ll have had the pleasure of dancing to the one and only DAN NASH!

The very first time I DJed at a festival (Blues Baby Blues 2013) I was scheduled to follow his set. I’ll never forget the warmth and encouragement he gave to a very nervous DJ Tracy. Dan and Ray were so lovely to me; complimenting me on my choice of music. I don’t think they realised how much I appreciated it at the time.

I’ve heard Dan play more times that I can count and he always inspires me with his energy and musicianship.

When I learned Dan would be playing at European Blues Invasion 2015, I asked if he’d have time for an interview.

On the night, I had to go outside and persuade him away from one of his famous ‘smoke-breaks’. (Luckily bribing him with Bourbon turned out to be a good strategy and we found a corner where we could chat awhile.) 

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