Blues heroes | Junior Wells

“As a boy I was listening to Sonny Williamson records and I would close my eyes and visualize myself playing the harp.”

– Junior Wells

jr wells002

Photo by Brett Littlehales

One of the best-loved harp players in Chicago blues was Junior Wells. He took inspiration from the top living harmonica players and brought a passion and fire that was all his own.

Born and raised in West Memphis Arkansas, Wells learned from local blues hero Junior Parker. He was a skillful harmonica player by the time he was seven.

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DJ Notes | Inspired by ‘The Blues Brothers’

Blues Sister

(Photo by Erin Maguire)

Merchant Moonshine is a quarterly London blues night organised by Blues Revolution. Last night the guest musicians were the Limehouse Leigh Sextet. The dancers loved their New Orleans inspired jazz. Photographer Tim Gee took some great pictures.

There was also a Blues Brothers theme. I LOVE an excuse to dress up and I was SO happy to have an excuse to buy a trilby hat!

If you’ve seen The Blues Brothers or heard the soundtrack you’ll know how awesome it is. As the guest DJ for the night, I wanted to play music inspired by the film that dancers would enjoy.

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