SFB 2019

Logo and featured artists at SFB 2019

A unique Blues History & Dance experience

January 25-27 2019 in London, England

Are you a Blues Nerd? Then you’re invited to a weekend focused on the rich history & ongoing legacy of Blues dance and culture with:

  • 3 parties with live music to inspire
  • films and classes diving deep into what Blues means
  • exceptional Blues talents sharing what they’ve got


Featuring Damon Stone (USA), Tom Attah (UK), Stefano Ronchi (DE), Jae Wilson (UK) and others contributing their vast background for you to learn, leap, and love the Blues in new ways.

Why this event?

Nearly 4 years after conception of the SFB blog, we’re excited to host a festival that’s much like our goal for our writing: high-quality and insightful … in a friendly way! Think cosy, hot chocolate and brownies while soaking up the Blues in more depth than ever before.

“Blues connects me deeply with my emotions and touches my heart and soul.”

If you agree, we hope to see you here at the very first SFB 2019!

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