12 Days of Christmas Blues | Best Blues Songs about the Holiday

Written by Jered Morin

Top 12 Blues Songs about ChristmasTired of the same ol’, same ol’ Christmas songs? Are you feeling down from all the usual schmaltzy schlock? Ready for a kick in the (musical) pants?

Here are the Top 12 Blues songs about Christmas, from vintage classics to modern renditions.

There were hundreds of songs to comb through. So the criteria to make this list was it had to:

  1. be about Christmas (obviously), but also
  2. make creative use of the holiday elements — think genre busters, twisted lyrics, and exceptional musicality

Also, with so many tunes to choose from, I had to cut ones that were maybe a touch too Swing-y, or too Soul-y, way too Hip and/or Hop , and even a few that were beyond description. It was a difficult choice.

But here they are, the 12 bestest Blues songs about Christmas to add to your holiday rotation:

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Forging the Axe | History and Evolution of the Blues Guitar

Written by Phill Brown

The emergence of blues into popular music through the 20s 30s and 40s is bound up with technological innovation of the times – transport, work, recorded music, the radio and electrification!

The quest to make twangy noises and to make them nice and loud, helped artists reshape the sound of the music and bring it to bigger audiences.

It’s easy to take the guitar for granted, so let’s remind ourselves of its humble origins.
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