Let’s hear it for the girls! Celebrating Blues Women

Written by Claire Snook

Ahhhh, the blues. There’s something about this music that has captured the imagination and interest of millions of people across the world and decades. The idea of a lone man with his guitar, hobo-ing around the Mississippi Delta or playing in the dark clubs of Chicago and New York, trying to make ends meet with their music is an established one that runs deep in modern culture.

That image was hugely reinforced with the rediscovery of blues in the sixties, with encouragement from promoters to appeal to a new audience, and it worked. The careers of many bluesmen were relaunched and they got to travel the world, playing the music they’d written and sung twenty or thirty or even forty years earlier.

Obviously great to see these musicians finally recognised!

But what about the women?

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Cut Straight to Record | Recording technology & the sound of early Blues

Written by Dr Anders Ingram

My recent release, The Trouble EP, was recorded and cut direct to vinyl by The Lathe Revival in Newcastle in 2016 using 1930s equipment. You can listen to it here.

I’d be willing to bet that if I had told you that these recordings were made in the late 1930s or early 40s you would have believed me. It just has that sound … but what is that sound exactly?

Anyone who has ever put a second hand record on a deck can tell you that dust, static, and a worn stylus, etc. can cause hiss, crackle, and pops, while wear and scratches to the record can cause many other sound issues. However, this is something more. The fundamental sound itself is shaped by the format and the recording process.

So what was that process?
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Unravelling New Orleans with Dave Grohl

Written by Reka Sardy

Every time Tracy and I hang out, the conversation inevitably turns towards music.

This is hardly surprising I guess, as this is the context in which we met and have become friends: dance events, volunteering or organising dance events, DJing at dance events, you get the idea.

She has also become one of my most regular and loved gig-buddies: Lake Street Dive, Trombone Shorty, Macklemore, you name it, she’s up for it!

So, as mentioned, we often talk about music: the things we’ve heard, saw live or on TV, read, and experienced whilst travelling. Consequently, Tracy has asked me a few times to write a guest post on her blog and finally, this time around, I have managed to get it together in time for 12 days of Bluesmas.


Any excuse to talk about Nola…

So. This is me gushing about my favourite city and its music, New Orleans, through the medium of a documentary series created by the Foo Fighters.

Dave Grohl Jazz

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