DJ set notes | The Joker, April 17

I’m always happy to play at the weekly blues social at The Joker, Islington.

I planned on playing a gospel-infused set, as there are religious holidays on the calendar, with Easter and Passover happening this week.

(Note to self)

I remember when I started DJing, the technical aspects were the part I most worried about. These days I don’t worry so much, but sometimes something will happen and I think, ‘Whoops!’

When I turned up this week I realised I’d forgotten the lead for my headphones, which meant I couldn’t preview my music to help me select the next track.

This is because nowadays I mostly listen to music on headphones through blue-tooth, but I can’t preview by blue-tooth, so I made a note to myself to remember to pack my lead next time I play!

Blues, Gospel and Soul

Anyway, so I relied on my trusted folders and tags system to put this set together, including songs by classic female artists such as Nina Simone, Big Mama Thornton, Mavis Staples, Ruthie Foster and Aretha Franklin.

As always when I DJ, I start with an idea and see where it takes me.

Some of the songs I played were gospel, another was doo-wop, and The Thrill is Gone by Aretha Franklin is a traditional blues song by B.B. King, but with a strong gospel backing.

Ain’t no sunshine

I started and ended the set with two covers of a Bill Withers’ soul-blues classic: Ain’t No Sunshine. I played both the Bobby ‘Blues’ Bland version (more soulful) and Freddy King’s (his amazing guitar!).

One of the dancers came up and asked for the artist when I played the Bobby Bland version. This pretty much always happens. Everyone knows the song, but most people are only familiar with the  Bill Withers version.

I would play the Bill Withers one except that it is only two minutes long! I used to play it, but when it stopped, dancers would look at me wonderingly!

Listen to the playlist

Here’s the full set for you to listen to if you would like.

One of the songs was not available on Spotify (one reason I don’t DJ with Spotify) but you can listen to it here.

Give me Freedom by Stephen James Taylor

It was a lovely evening, and I very much enjoyed dancing to music from  Becky and Moritz afterwards! If you were there, I hope you enjoy listening second time around. :)

2 thoughts on “DJ set notes | The Joker, April 17

  1. JM says:

    Ooo, if you like “Ain’t No Sunshine” have you heard/do you like the Al Jarreau version? The vanilla one is nice and fairly straightforward but the “(Midnight Version)” is gives it just another dimension!

  2. Tracy says:

    Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I should definitely listen to Al Jarreau more! These are both wonderful, but the Midnight Version is my favourite.

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