DJ Notes | No Words

I love instrumental music. It fills a space in my heart like nothing else. It wraps me in its arms and takes me to another world.

I love watching how dancers respond to songs without words. Storytelling can be so much more fun if there’s no script.

Here are three songs you may have heard me play recently.

The first is quite long (for social dancing) but it is SO much fun that it always ends with everyone laughing.

Egyptian Fantasy | Allen Toussaint (2009)
Originally composed by Sidney Bechet, this song is one of many wonderful songs on the album ‘The Bright Mississippi’ by New Orleans pianist and all round musical genius Allen Toussaint. The changes in rthythm will get you up and strutting and shuffling and altogether makes for a fun and very playful dance. If you’re still sitting down, I bet you’re tapping. Aren’t you?

Blues After Hours | Pee Wee Crayton (1948)
This is classic late night blues. I love the interplay between the guitar and bass. Without the piano the song would be so much darker and intense. And aren’t the sax blasts amazing?

Blues Garage | Marco Tansini (2011)
My friend Sam in Melbourne, Australia sent me a link to this song. The first time I listened, I almost melted on the spot. Beautiful contemporary electric blues. Just listen. Those pauses are almost too long, aren’t they? (Almost.) Perfect music for just before dawn.

This is a category where I can never have enough, so I’m always looking out for more. If you have any favourite instrumental blues songs, I’d love to know what they are.

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